COSA/GSM Beijing & Shanghai 2015

China Overseas Study Association, CEAIE (COSA) and Global Student Mobility (GSM) have just completed COSA/GSM Beijing & Shanghai 2015 (March 17th/19th). Between educators, agents and other stakeholders over 50 organisations were represented at the speed networking events

Shen Xuesong, Deputy Secretary General of CEAIE speaking at the Beijing reception said “CEAIE fully supports the partnership between COSA and GSM. I hope that this event will be the start of a long term relationship where we can all work in partnership to improve quality, legitimacy and professionalism across our industry.

Stephen Clegg, founder of GSM, said “It is a modest start but we have big ambitions for the COSA/GSM partnership. I have worked with a number of partners in China but COSA is by far the most impressive and professional. GSM now has the right partner and I am very confident in the future

Wei Wang, Wiseway CEO and AIRC board member said “Wiseway fully supports COSA and GSM’s impressive efforts to connect legitimate Chinese agencies and institutions from around the world. As Wiseway CEO I confirm we will be attending future events as an agent and as AIRC board member I look forward to us collaborating in the US market”

COSA will be expanding its agency membership across China and in addition to further events in Beijing, fairs will be held in tier 2 and 3 cities. Xuewen E Vice Chairman of COSA said “Beijing and Shanghai of course cannot be ignored by any school serious about recruiting from China. However we see great potential growth in recruitment from tier 2 and 3 cities. These cities may not be as well known but in many cases have a population of greater than 5M people and a growing affluent middle class. These families may be less rankings-driven and more cost conscious than typically seen in Beijing and Shanghai”

GSM and COSA are currently raising investment to develop a portal that will compliment the event business.

Stephen Clegg said “We want to do everything we can to create tangible results. We are now following up with and questionnairing agents from Beijing and Shanghai to ensure they follow up with all the schools they met. We will also use the questionnaire feedback from the agents to create personalised market reports for each institution on how, from the agents perspective, they can better market themselves in China. We believe this is very valuable. Myself and Xuewen share the view that without tangible results any event is a failure. The portal is a further move in this direction. We want to use our marketing channels to promote our partner schools directly to students allowing the schools to either receive direct enquiries or refer the enquiries to their partner agents.”

A full list of educators and agents who registered for this event may be seen below:-

COSA and GSM are finalising plans for events over the next 12 months which will include USA, UK, further events in China and a visit to at least one mainland European country. Events in Canada and Australia will follow. COSA/GSM Beijing 2016 may also include a number of agents from outside of mainland China.

COSA is a national study abroad association and was founded on October 31st, 2013 by the Ministry of Education as part of CEAIE. Membership consists of study abroad service agencies licensed by the Ministry of Education and registered by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. COSA has 88 council members and 18 executive council members and is rapidly expanding membership.

GSM was founded in 2013 and is committed to helping institutions maximise the benefits of international student mobility. GSM has worked with partners to arrange fairs in UK, USA and mainland China which have been attended by over 170 educators and 50 agents.